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2010-03-09 09:02:32 by killerknights

i am going to edit my game a little not the one with ideas i am makeing that zombie game later the one i am editing is my old one that got ballmed lol and i am going to edit and put sounds and make it look better basicly i suck at programing i just need to know how to put sound in well i know that but when you shoot i want to make the sound like in the cursor when you shoot or click you make a sound


2010-03-09 08:49:40 by killerknights

I am mostly trying to make a game fast but not trying very hard because i am going fast oh and
anyone who reads this my friend and i are going to use some of these ideas we came up with

Stores : You can loot stores
Houses : you can barracaide house to live in
Zombies : Zombies when dead will drop something
People : There will be survivors but most crazy
Guns : so far there is a pistol m4 and m16 and a rocket luncher and grandes


2009-02-17 18:12:11 by killerknights

Hey uh i just broke my leg ih and people i am just here to say hi and for those people oh wants flash go to and here is a serial WPD800-52038-43132-21954 WPD800-57939-54532-22290 for flash 8 and i will get a download later well this i how i got flash